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Our Philosophy & Mission

The STEM school will produce dynamic students who serve their peers, school and community. We will integrate investigative and project-based education in an original, engaging, and supportive environment. Our students will imagine, build, and lead the future.

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My son attends at this school and he has learned so speak and express himself at a fast pace. When we pick him up he gets super excited and doesnt cry when we drop him off so it makes us feel very comfortable where he is at. He does alot of hands on projects which makes him explore!

Rosa L Chavez-Flores

Rosa L Chavez-Flores


As a mom we always want the best for our children! Going 3 years back my little girl started pre-k. As all moms I was afraid to leave her but when I started to see her reaction towards her teacher Mrs. Deandra, I had more confidence in leaving her…she loves her teacher going towards her 3rd year at @A learning bee 🐝 academy..thank you Deandra…you rock! We couldn’t have chosen a better school. @ A Learning Bee Academy Pre-K

Maria Santiago

Maria Santiago



Thank you for visiting A Learning Bee Academy – the premiere Indianapolis STEM Pre-k provider. At A Learning Bee Academy, we believe that children are natural learners and by facilitating a learning environment and listening, children will learn without much prompting. Our approach focuses on the whole child and incorporates project-based learning while encouraging students to ask questions. We ensure the children learn to apply subject matter to real world problems relevant to their age and community.

Our staff, trained to ask the right questions and have the right conversations, guide students through scientific inquiry and the engineering design process. The children then gain proficiency in scientific thinking and engineering process skills through repeated exposure and repetition.

Using a combination of an arts-Infused curriculum and STEM education allows children to take creative risks, make connections, and explore their curiosity in meaningful ways. We work hard to provide STEM integration across all content domains. This blended curriculum format applies science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) practices to traditional early childhood domains such as literacy, language, social and emotional development, cognitive development, gross and fine motor skills, and the arts. By applying STEM learning in this way, students gain an understanding of how to apply knowledge and use critical thinking skills to solve problems.


Our STEM curriculum and hands-on implementation sets us apart from other daycares and preschools by engaging your child‘s curiosity and sparking their interest to learn 21st century skills that will carry them throughout their life no matter what field they end up pursuing.

What is STEM?

STEM education is an interdisciplinary approach to learning, combining multiple academic subjects, and focusing on the real-world impact of these lessons. It is about students applying science, technology, engineering and mathematics in ways that make relevant connections between themselves and their school, community, work and their world. STEM education provides opportunities to create skills that move students forward to become stronger problem solvers and more creative innovators that can lead tomorrow’s world.


Critical thinking skills are skills that will benefit a child throughout their education and life. They are the foundation to other skills like innovative thinking, problem solving, teamwork, and persistence. A STEM environment builds 21st century skills, commonly referred to as the four “C’s”: Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Communication and Creativity.

A Learning Bee Academy’s Indianapolis STEM pre-k learning environment encourages students to explore their environment and express their understanding through many modes of expression or “languages.” “Languages” include more than just verbal, and we seek to offer that outlet. These could be conducting a scientific experiment, movement, drawing, painting, sculpture, drama, collage, or music. A well-rounded learner can both learn and express themselves in a wide variety of ways and so we work hard to provide an accepting and validating environment for them to do so.


Our promise at A Learning Bee Academy is that when you walk through the front doors of the academy, you feel a warm and accepting environment. We provide an environment and atmosphere where families feel the sense of tranquility and the children feel a sense of freedom to explore and learn. Your child is given an abundance of nurturing attention, and a safe, secure environment dedicated to their growth and development.


At A Learning Bee Academy, we have very Strict ID and entry requirements to ensure only authorized individuals enter the building. All doors except the front door, which is monitored, is locked and requires a key to re-enter. As a secondary security feature once inside, the inner doors to the classrooms must also be unlocked by a key.


We ensure that all state regulated policies are always followed, especially during naptime. Our staff maintain visual contact and active listening of the children in their care. Cots, mats and cribs feature age-appropriate bedding that has been approved by the state. All babies (up to age 2) are placed on their back to sleep; all napping children are checked at regular intervals.


We have a strict policy requiring all staff wash their hands regularly to reduce the spread of germs. We also monitor children for any symptoms of illness and parents are notified immediately when their child does not feel well. Classrooms and toys are cleaned and disinfected on a regular schedule with child-safe products. Gloves are always worn when handling food or changing diapers.


At A Learning Bee Academy, the toys in the classrooms and on the playground are inspected using a safety checklist on a daily and weekly basis to ensure there are no broken and/or loose parts. We also inspect the playground fencing, equipment, and fall zones areas prior to children going outside.