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The STEM school will produce dynamic students who serve their peers, school and community. We will integrate investigative and project-based education in an original, engaging, and supportive environment. Our students will imagine, build, and lead the future.

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The Learning Bee Academy Staff understands the hard work you’re putting into raising, nurturing and shaping your child into one of the adults who will change the world of tomorrow and works hard to offer Indianapolis’ best early childhood education program. We are parents too! We strive to come along side you with a curriculum that complements your loving home with an educational environment that enriches your child in equal measure with your nurturing.

We use a problem-based learning approach to engage children in exploring relevant, developmentally appropriate questions and real-world problems. We are committed to building a better tomorrow and strive reinforce the same values and high standards that are so important to you with all our students.

Sadly, only 30% of US high school students are prepared for college-level science courses and 45% for college-level math courses. Furthermore, the number of STEM doctoral degrees conferred to US citizens annually has dropped from 84% in 1966 to 59% in 2004. We are doing our part to instill a thirst for learning at an early age to try and turn these numbers around.

To fully understand A Learning Bee Academy, it is important to understand what STEM stands for and how each component works and effects the student:


Our curriculum overlaps different content and development areas, so we have enrichment spaces that offer children opportunities to make connections and see relationships across concepts. Science skills include a child’s ability to inquire, predict and evaluate observations. It supports a child’s ability to explore everyday life, physical properties of matter, and to make sense of concepts such as Weather, Natural Habitats, and Technology. A Learning Bee Academy understands that children teach children. Our STEM Curriculum promotes inquiry, curiosity and excitement about learning and multiple opportunities to integrate learning domains and allow students to learn from and with each other.

Our students can explore science through a discovery station or project each day. We strongly believe in utilizing science concepts to strengthen every area of development for children. Our students engage daily observations throughout the day. Similar to learning to count or read, learning how to “do” science is a process. As children describe what they see, ask questions about it, repeat the experience, and then think about how it connects to what they know about the world, there are skills that develop both on and under the surface. Technology plays an important role in every aspect of the STEM curriculum and is touched up on in every area that a STEM curriculum touches.


A child first develops large muscles and gross motor skills then small muscles and fine motor skills. As children participate in activities that allow them to touch, climb, crawl, and manipulate objects in their surrounding environments, they refine both sets of skills without knowing it.

Much of engineering is figuring out how things work. From the lights in our building to the playground equipment outside, engineering concepts are a common part of our speech. We then encourage and facilitate the students using these words and concepts in their learning and play to solidify the concepts and introduce the words into their everyday vocabulary.


Research tells us that 90% of brain growth happens before Kindergarten. A Learning Bee Academy, the best early childhood education program Indianapolis, understands that and recognizes that early experiences in mathematics create lasting positive outcomes. Because math is the basis for life, early mathematical experiences serve as a foundation for cognitive development. Through our curriculum, children develop mathematical reasoning and increase the ability to recognize and analyze math in the world around them. Through learning shapes, number concepts, spatial awareness, measurement, patterns and sorting, and logic, our students are set for success not just in Kindergarten but for lifelong learning.


Children live within many different communities: family, school, church, city, nation, etc. Within each community are different social norms and traditions. Understanding social systems sets the stage for a child’s lifelong dispositions about people, cultures and how he or she belongs in these systems (NCSS, 1988.Children have the opportunity to actively engage, experiment, create and discover using a unique inquiry-based approach that allows children to integrate core domains to reinforce concepts and provide real world relevance through student responsibilities and teamwork.

Important to our cultural teachings, learning language is a social experience and requires symbolic processing. The relationship between thought and word is “not a thing, but a process, a continual movement back and forth from thought to word and from word to thought” (Vygotsky, 1962, p. 125).

Studies show children who score high in imagination and creativity skills, also score high in problem-solving strategies. STEM curriculum is an arts-infused curriculum that allows children to take creative risks, make connections, and explore their curiosity in meaningful ways. “Play is a safe place where children are exploring the expression of emotion with no attending consequences” (Gaskins and Miller, 2009).

Our students participate in creativity in a variety of ways each day. We offer dramatic and imaginary play throughout the day. We influence creative thinking while developing projects. We also have specialized time for learning art history and concepts.

My son attends at this school and he has learned so speak and express himself at a fast pace. When we pick him up he gets super excited and doesnt cry when we drop him off so it makes us feel very comfortable where he is at. He does alot of hands on projects which makes him explore!

Rosa L Chavez-Flores

Rosa L Chavez-Flores


As a mom we always want the best for our children! Going 3 years back my little girl started pre-k. As all moms I was afraid to leave her but when I started to see her reaction towards her teacher Mrs. Deandra, I had more confidence in leaving her…she loves her teacher going towards her 3rd year at @A learning bee 🐝 academy..thank you Deandra…you rock! We couldn’t have chosen a better school. @ A Learning Bee Academy Pre-K

Maria Santiago

Maria Santiago