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Early experiences shape how the brain develops and a strong foundation in the early years increases the probability of getting children excited about careers in STEM fields. Research shows children in direct instruction environments show more dependency on adults, less pride in their accomplishments, inhibit creativity, and foster superficial learning rather than promote real understanding and problem-solving skills. Our preschool activities teach students to solve problems, create solutions, foster innovation, collaborate together, and construct their own learning process. Our approach maximizes STEM preschool benefits by promoting invaluable skills rooted in early learning experiences that will create a love for lifelong learning. Our teachers work to develop a warm and supportive relationship with students that foster a love of learning while also encouraging discovery and independence.

STEM Preschool Benefits

3.3 - Indianapolis stem preschool benefitsOur focus in preschool is on fostering self-identity, forming respectful relationships, collaborative learning experiences, play, discovery, investigation, social learning, building relationships, and fostering creativity and art making within the context of STEM projects and experiences that promote hands on explorations. Our belief is that the benefits most achieved by children comes through play and STEM thinking instilled in each preschooler as an integral part of the learning process. Part of STEM preschool benefits is that STEM learning gives a foundation for children’s learning about the world around them. Children need time and encouragement to explore, investigate and learn in natural ways.

Continuing to build on the STEM foundation encourages connections with the STEM fields and helping the children believe they are able to pursue their own ideas in learning. Preschoolers are also encouraged to explore and pursue their own questions through the use of projects and using the arts as an expression of their learning process. Our teachers support developing these concepts through guided questions, facilitating structured thinking and providing information and opportunities to acquire new knowledge. We provide a hands-on, play based environment by elaborating and enhancing learning experiences and inviting children to engage in their learning process by revisiting experiences though creative projects. Our individualized programs also offer preschoolers that opportunity to have a strong foundation in literacy and writing, languages and many other learning domains.


3.3 - stem preschool benefits Indianapolis

Another STEM preschool benefit is the preschool children at A Learning Bee Academy are taught to be respectful to each other by being treated respectfully by our wonderful teachers. Our teachers model responsive care, which means they adjust their teaching to meet each child’s developmental needs, respond to the child’s inner desire to understand and learn about the world around them, and respond to every child’s daily needs with love, care and respect.


A preschooler’s home is their primary learning environment, and we realize there are a lot of things that a child’s family can offer to their education. We strongly encourage family participation in activities, classroom volunteering, special events and field trips.

Preschool is an essential step on a child’s journey toward elementary school and future academic success. By focusing on age-appropriate gross and fine motor skill development, active, hands-on early childhood STEM learning experiences guide children’s development is key school readiness skills. A Learning Bee Academy is the best place for your preschooler to prepare to enter school.