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Stem Program



Provide credible STEM and project-based curriculum to challenge students and bring out their genius.

Measurements: Evaluate curriculum, plan a specific number of projects per school year, test scores.


A student body that, with courage, examines and evaluates the environment around them. Creating students of action.

Measurements: School wide community service project, proof of kids respecting their environment through pictures, evaluating projects/classroom projects, school assembly/play created by students explaining what inspire/discovery means to them.


Arouse a curiosity in students that, instills a passion for learning about the world around them.

Measurements: Visits by civic leaders, outdoor classroom/adventures, creative field trip experience.


Provide children an authentic curiosity-based learning environment in which they are encouraged to explore the world around them.


The STEM school will produce dynamic students who serve their peers, school and community. We will integrate investigative and project-based education in an original, engaging, and supportive environment. Our students will imagine, build, and lead the future.

STEM Based Preschool

Most high paying jobs require knowledge of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) concepts. Unfortunately, research shows that by the time most students reach third grade, a third of boys and girls have lost interest in science. This leaves millions of students that won’t even consider these careers before they advance from middle school. In 2016, only 36% of high school graduates were ready for college-level math and 26% ready for college-level science. The United States ranks near the bottom of the 35 industrialized countries in the world for Math and Science.

At A Learning Bee Academy, we believe STEM based preschool concepts begin before students enter formal schooling and the concepts of both STEM and 21st century needed skills are innate in young children. They are natural scientists, engineers, question machines, and problem-solvers.

STEM based preschool is about exploring the world around us and asking questions about how or why something works. Children are great at this! As their partners in learning, we work to make STEM part of children’s intentional play activities. We encourage children to look at the world with wonder and awe and ask the question why.


3 - Indianapolis stem based preschoolA Learning Bee Academy works to ensure every activity during the day relates to our STEM framework. Below are some specific activities we do with the children to facilitate STEM thinking.

We often go on nature walks. We encourage the children to collect interesting objects they see like small round stones, leaves, seed pods, or flowers. When we get back to the classroom, we help them sort their treasures into categories, such as color, texture, size, and shape.

We encourage children to be creative and use problem solving skills with assignments like building ramps to test which cars, balls, or marbles go the fastest. They are given a variety of tools such as a board, sheet of cardboard, or small table with one side elevated to make a ramp. They then try rolling a variety of unlike objects, two at a time down the ramp to see which is fastest.

We have blocks and Legos to help facilitate building activities. We will often give a challenge such as, “How high can you make a tower of blocks?” We then measure each tower and record their height. Then we discuss what makes the tower more or less sturdy.

Play with water. Water is a rich STEM material and water play activities is a great way to engage kids. During the summer months we utilize this activity as much as possible by filling a basin with water outside. We provide tools to experiment with like a turkey baster, empty dish detergent bottles, plastic measuring cups, etc. to fill and compare.3 - stem based preschool Indianapolis

The possibilities for STEM based preschool education are endless. Children love to experiment, combine new substances, build, knock down, collect, sort, and have fun while not realizing they are learning. So, we build STEM activities in our daily routine. We also work to provide tips and activities that can be done at home to provide parents the opportunity to work alongside their child.