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Physical Development

STEM preschool physical development follows a directional pattern: Large muscles develop before small muscles. Our curriculum includes physical development times which actively engages a child’s mind and body through multidisciplinary activities that invite children to touch, climb, crawl, and manipulate objects in their surrounding environment.

The preschool years seem to be a time when children move constantly. They like to be outdoors running, climbing, jumping, and chasing each other. Indoors they like to scribble, paint, build, pour, cut with scissors, put puzzles together, and string beads. They are more coordinated than toddlers and purposeful in their actions. 3.4 - Indianapolis stem education preschool physical development IndianapolisGROSS AND FINE MOTOR SKILL DEVELOPMENT

Below are Gross and Fine Motor skills our teachers help our students accomplish in our pre-k STEM academy:

Gross motor skills:

  • Walking with agility, good balance, and steady gait.
  • Running at a comfortable speed in one direction and around obstacles; also stop, re-start, and turn while running.
  • Aiming and throwing a large ball or beanbag, or catch one thrown to him/her.
  • Hopping several times on each foot.
  • Walking along and jumping over a low object, such as a line, string, or balance beam.
  • Bouncing a large ball several times.
  • Kicking a stationary ball.
  • Pedaling and steering a tricycle.

Fine motor skills:3.4 - stem education preschool physical development Indianapolis

  • Brushing teeth, comb hair, and get dressed in little help.
  • Skillfully use eating utensils.
  • Using (child-sized) scissors to cut along a line.
  • Picking up small items such as coins, toothpicks, and paperclips.
  • Assembling simple puzzles.
  • Copying simple shapes, like a circle or square.
  • Printing some letters of the alphabet.
  • Stacking objects so they don’t fall.


Our Indianapolis STEM preschool physical development is facilitated in a variety of ways. If it is 30 degrees or above, we enjoy exploring our outdoors. On any given day, weather permitting, you will find us taking one mile nature walks to a playground park. The MLK park provides a playground, where our students continue to practice their social and imaginary skills as they make friends and swing and slide. We also walk to from our school to visit a garden and students help maintain our community garden bed. On our grounds our students take care of our chickens, and our vegetable garden.

Our indoors we teach YOGA and Meditation strategies to help our children with self-regulation. We provide play areas that include dress up, blocks, puzzles, and other activities. During the day we play games like Simon Says and Follow the Leader. During story time we may encourage the children to role play parts of a story or pretend to be story characters and imitate their movements and sounds. We will turn on music and allow free movement.

For many children, PreK is their first introduction to a structured daily school time. At A Learning Bee Academy, we work with your child to develop a personalized learning plan while also teaching social skills required in a group setting. By making STEM preschool physical development a part of our everyday routine, we both encourage and facilitate both gross and fine motor skill development in our PreK students.